Tribute To Etel Adnan” Collective Exhibition
curated by Guendalina Perelli
L&B Gallery during Barcelona Design Week
9-18 June 2019

“Prologue” is anachronistic time, fiction and memory. The project creates a new memory about my father, Antonio (Linares 1948 – Tarragona 2000), through memories invented about him by other people. I posted on Instagram the installation, a volcano still under construction, and asked for made-up memories of my father and me. All the collected texts are the voice of the volcano, a prologue and a poetry sung with Cecilia Díaz. At the installation; the song comes from inside the volcano and goes throuht the space.

With this project I wanted to synchronize the memory of my father in the same period of time and in different minds. Also “re-creating” a collective and virtual robot portrait of the figure of Antonio.



Title: Prologue. Unique piece
Sculpture Fabric, ink, resin. 2019
Sounds (volcanos voice) made with Cecilia Diatz
Thanks to Lolo&Sosaku

Title: Empty Filled Space. Unique piece
Sculpture Foam, cardboard, recycled plastics, fabric, papier-mâché. 2019