Prólogo” has been chosen to be exhibited at NODO
August 2020, Madrid

Everything happens this summer, the sound waves rumble from the basement, vibrate and throb through the building material. Waste material and work as a starting point, darkness as a means to rediscover space, how can we see what is invisible? From an intimate proximity to the object, we seek to mix philosophy and digital culture to create a thought from which design and visual arts emerge. From questions such as, can we multiply the perspectives from which we value each piece, the versatility of light generated by each object and what concept do we have of darkness in Madrid, 2020?  We have taken advantage of an indeterminate canvas, a place that has been squatted and it is currently closed for construction, full of textures and devoid of light pollution, to rewrite how we perceive the everyday life of a domestic object: the light.

Photography: Guillermo Borreguero and Amalia Wakonigg
Curators: Claudia Paredes and Carlota Gallo