Fluid Crust Surgery
By Raquel Quevedo
From September 5th until September 19th
Opening: September 5th

Marsèll, together with Etage Projects and Quei Studio, is pleased to announce the opening of Fluid Crust Surgery, an organic, multi-media installation by Raquel Quevedo. The artist’s show at Marsèll Paradise will consist of sculptures, two dimensional art works, projections and Raquel Quevedo’s newly published book.

Raquel Quevedo creates with Fluid Crust Surgery future artifacts. She mixes commonplace materials, such as plastic and ceramics, to construct new matter that represents our modern society for future finders. Through sculpting, rendering, transforming matter into data and into matter again, she translates the physical and virtual worlds of
our time into imaginative raw materials. These materials she then further alters by injecting fluids in a series of performative and transformative actions she calls plastic surgery. “Fluid makes us mutate, keeps us together and at the same time separates us in a circular motion”, Quevedo says.

The resulting sculptures symbolise geological structures beyond the natural. They embody the material impact, both analog and digital, that humans have on this planet, transforming our waste and leftovers into future rare earths. Quevedo’s work therefore allows us to imagine a post-apocalyptic world where this created matter is mined and extracted. Fluid Crust Surgery converges between the Anthropocene and the Post-anthropocene, building a compelling dialogue between the present and the future.

The project works with concepts of organic, sense of time, permeability and movement, reflecting the mutability of existence. Like a shaman that can inhabit other bodies and allow us to live circumstantially in different bodies, the matter is here the object of intersection between the computing space (digital technologies), cultural systems (visual language and science) and the identity multi-space.

For the book “Fluid Crust Surgery” Quevedo’s captivating and striking artworks were complemented by words from selected artists and curators – from conversations with artificial intelligence (William Bagnoli), fiction (Allelon, Regina de Miguel), and essays (Guillermo Santomà, Alberto Feijóo, Salvatore Peluso, Alba Font), to curation (Andreia Filipe) and experimental poetry (Saúl Ibáñez, Martin Sigler). Together they create a perspective on contemporary human life and reflect on the mutability of existence.
Bilingual (English + Spanish)
Limited edition of 200
175 p. 165×265 cm. Hardcover
Numbered and Signed

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Installation views: Lera Polinova
Video projection in collaboration with Julia Girós






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Video installation:

Graphics for the exhibition: