Estoy Disponible By Raquel Quevedo
3-18 NOV 2022
Galería H2O, Barcelona

Raquel Quevedo presents in “Estoy disponible” a vision of the future linked to the present and the past. A transversal union that takes into account the crisis of meanings that we are currently experiencing and the need to repair the origin, which has led to redefining words, concepts, ideas, schemes, labels… it does not intend to establish positive or negative polarities, but instead navigates between the possibilities.

Through sculptures, digital work and “Fluid Crust Surgery” (artist’s book published by Etage Projects in 2021), the artist and designer formalizes a series of “actions” with and through materiality, projecting a symbiotic relationship of nature and the human. The result of these actions, according to Quevedo, are “landscapes” of data that will produce more matter in the present future. “It is clear that the unfolding can be observed in my work in many aspects”. Quevedo’s work moves between the modified (artificial / technological) and the original (real / cultivated) to confuse, mix and relocate the usual modes of observation, representation and appearance, combining vivid colors with surreal textures, mixing digital and physical codes in an intriguing affirmation obtained from the synergies of life.

The exhibition displays the matter – “data landscape” – as the intersection between the space of computation (digital technologies), cultural systems (visual language and science) and the multi-space of identity by means of sculptures, objects and visual works. “The idea was to present the project as a contradiction between the perceived present and its duplicity. Space is a canvas and sculpture is the awareness of the environment, the limit of the body, the denial of the space that creates the physical impression. Matter is a contradiction, fiction, a mirror of the logic of data extraction.” The captivating and striking works of the artist have a complementary side through words of selected artists and curators; conversations with artificial intelligence, fiction, essay and experimental poetry.

Action 201. Unique piece. 
Mixed technique. Cotton, copper, glass (soft glass casting), pigment, ecological resin. 2022. 32x36x31cm

Action 202. Unique piece
Mixed technique. Cotton, copper, borosilicate glass with gold vapor, pigment, mica, ecological resin. 2022. 32x36x31cm

Crying in public places
2022. 72x133cm
Mixed technique
LED lighting

“Crying in public places is a mixture of paraffin tears, algae, resinous conglomerate, sea snail house, heat, tree-branch-leaf, a pinch of salt, silicones and latex, mattress, cotton and lepidoptera.”

Action 204
Mixed Media on Canvas.
Foam, iridescent paper, glass, seaweed, latex, sand, wax, sponge, shell, cotton, silicone, resin, glue, salt, marble powder, seashell, paraffin. 2022. 83x104 cm

Action 205
Mixed Media on Canvas. 
Shell, dyed cotton, algae, soft silicone, burnt porexpan, resin, concrete. 2022. 83x104 cm

Pics by Jara Varela

Pics by Alex/H2O