First you need to see a “vase” (a physical object) in order to be able to give it the name vase and obtain an image of it (a photograph of a vase). But in this case, the vase itself does not exist at the first point. The cycle begins with the photographic image as an object, as a virtual reality in itself. Therefore, these vases/sculptures are constructed through their photography and not the physical piece itself. In the moment of their creation, they are given form, texture and colour through a series of mutations/decisions made from what was happening in the viewfinder of a camera. As in Google Street View, they are “images of a vase” that function as three-dimensional maps of vases.

Exhibited at:
2018 Axel Arigato Gallery (London & Göteborg)
2019 diMad, Matadero Madrid

Featured at:
DXI Magazine


Jun & Tomoko

Tanpopo & Yoko