Photography and performing the real-life ecosystem & survivor art project with Guillermo & Jan Santomà.

In the summer of 2020, when the restrictions due to the pandemic relaxed a bit, the Quevedo & Santomà family went to spend a few days in the forest, settling in a construction made with plastics and ropes by Santomà. They would end up staying for almost two months.

Called Arcteryx & Obelix, the experience is set up in a book which includes images taken mainly by Jara Varela and Raquel Quevedo, and some by Guillermo himself. They do not pretend so much to show the days spent there as a diary, but to document the ephemeral and constantly changing architecture that its presence generated.

The book includes a text by Guillermo Santomà that works almost like a personal manifesto on his current approach to architectural practice, mixing in an almost hallucinatory way topics such as capitalism and landscape, mineral materiality and living organisms, human fragility and the cosmic absolute.