Raquel Quevedo

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c/Tirso de Molina num 35 nave E 
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain)

Avda. Generalitat 2
08922 Sta. Coloma de Gramanet (Barcelona, Spain)


Raquel Quevedo practice runs through creative services, graphic design & art direction. She also creates custom graphic textures, experimental types, sculptures and installations projects.

The main object of her work is the “human condition” through her own personal experience. On this she builts “proofs of existence”. These tests confirm the human fact of the ethereal, in contrast to its mental construction, a powerful and permanent presence in the memory of its image, its symbol through form, word, color, sensory texture. She is obsessed with the graphic documentation of processes and methods, due to the personal need to intervene in the matter through registration (gaze). This transformation responds to a maternal sense of caring, protecting, directing, cultivating to see the result of a constantly changing fruit. Her works move between organic and visceral vs. transcendental and ephemeral.

Constant presence of methods and thinking around the idea of ​​the “loop”. A circle that is blurred: “Now that limit opens and closes, not as a border, but as a circle that has ceased to exist. Everything is part of the same story, different paths of our labyrinth, a Bio-Graph. In the repetition is the transformation. ” “In the conceptual game of art there is a pause for emotions and feelings”, her work is nourished by the therapy practiced as an axis, understanding the transformation of the material as an emotional and spiritual transformation; a ritual, a mantra in search of the sense of the real, the true. In her work, evasion is a form of construction of the imagination in the production of work; “Finding oneself seems to be the path within the spiritual chaos of our social context”, seeking to happily combine the spiritual and the sensory.


2019 L&B Gallery BCN

2019 Collective, diMad (Matadero) Madrid

2018 Axel Arigato Gallery London & Göteborg

2018 «Money makes me ugly, Mickey makes me happy» Solo Show. Etage Projects Gallery Copenhagen

2018 Collective «New Realities» Palo Alto Gallery, Understanding Design Festival (BCN)

2017 Collective «W.I.P» DADA Gallery, Understanding Design Festival (BCN)


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2016 Bronze, Laus Awards (Integrated graphics-DEMO 2)